About Us

Thank you for your interest in who we are.

Hello, my name is Brad Barton. Following is a brief history.

In 1996 I pioneered online software sales when I started Speedy Software (speedysoftware.com), which was basically an early version of an e-commerce web site. This online software portal grew to include computer hardware and local on-site service, as well as early versions of online technical certification training. With a bit of an expanded business plan, Speedy Software became My Tech Guru (mytechguru.com) in August of 2001. Somewhere around the middle of 2002, My Tech Guru began to specialize in office printers, rather than networks, servers, and workstations. I sold SpeedySoftware.com in 2004.

I saw a need for affordable, high quality technical services, so I created and implemented my own set of standards, and developed cutting-edge technical training that allowed for rapid learning and technical proficiency. In 2004 I packaged our training developments and began providing cost effective technical training to businesses, educational institutions, government facilities, and individual technicians.

My Tech Guru has provided outsourced technical services for a variety of clients such as Verizon, Sprint, Siemens, Toshiba, Fujitsu, The Social Security Administration, Office Depot, and global service providers such as Logical Maintenance Solutions, and Image One, to name a few. In 2005 I opened Printer Coach (printercoach.com) to train technicians to work on office printers. I also created a DVD training program that year, for Printer Coach, and a couple years later a digital downloadable version. This video training turned out to be an incredibly successful format. Feel free to visit the Printer Coach web site to get a feel for a handful of the customers I have been able to help with their training.

So, I am basically a small business hardware guy that became obsessed with offline marketing, as a way to help my own businesses.


Microsoft Certified


  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer | Printer Repair Training

 Dell Certified

`Dell Certified Systems Expert | Laser Printer Service

HP Certified

``HP SP Certified | HP Printer Service

Lexmark Partner

`Lexmark Partner | Lexmark Printer Repair


I launched Site Steering in 2007 (SiteSteering.com). Originally, the site was created to offer assorted SEO (search engine optimization) services, but soon morphed into a local search video advertising portal to capture local search leads. We used a partner to deliver the  video advertising services generated at SiteSteering.com. Shortly after, I created SiteSteering.net to host the email autoresponders that I originally setup for the local search clients and the My Tech Guru and Printer Coach businesses. I opened it up for retail clients a couple years later. The autoresponder software that I purchased for this project was full-featured, robust, and leaves little to be desired. Our mail server is and has been blacklist free and we stomp out potential spammers.

At this point, we have shut down the email only autoresponder business and moved those clients over to our new platform.

And that leads us to Prospect Power Pro (prospectpowerpro.com). Prospect Power Pro is really a portal that will help me isolate the primary difficulty that online and offline marketers have converting their prospects into customers and increasing sales. The concept is that if you can increase sales through the same number of prospects, it will be easier to attract more prospects - because you will have more revenue to do it with. The fact that I can do it personally, or I can help businesses do it through my consulting services, will never help enough people grow their business the way that they would like. So, I am creating a system that will allow me to export workable techniques inexpensively.

During the 1980's and early 90's I was primarily working in sales management, and providing sales training for corporate America. During that time, I trained thousands of sales people from coast to coast.